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CSR Vancouver 2012

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Seminar Co-Chair Tina Charalambu, Social Impact Management Specialist with Premier Sponsor Hatch opens the 7th Risk Mitigation & CSR Seminar in Vancouver on June 7, 2012

Mary Collins, Aceld Canada with Seminar Co-Chair and Premier Sponsor Kevin O'Callaghan, Partner with Fasken Martineau LLP

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Zhenyi Li, Easy Learning Centre, presenting Enhancing Collaboration Across Boundaries

Claus Andrup, OHG Resources Inc. and Brett Whitelaw, Conquest Resources Limited

Chamber Board Member Radcliffe Dockery, President and Chief Executive Officer, HigherEye Training & Consulting presenting "Corporate Social Irresponsibility: Why Many Don't Trust Corporate CSR Initiatives and How You Can Change That"

(l to r) Bruce Shapiro, Radcliffe Dockery, Kevin O'Callaghan, R. Scott Hanna, Tina Charalambu, Wayne Floreani and Martin Jones

Regan Petelski, Tetra Tech and Michelle Hohn, Akashic Communications

Presenter Thack Skidmore, Director, Third Party Screening, Kroll Advisory Solutions presenting on "Driving Top-Level Commitment: The Role of Compliance Begins with Educating the C-Suite"

Chamber Board Member Martin Jones, Chairman, Banro Foundation discusses Banro's CSR initiatives in the DRC

Grant Geall, Ruchira Spong and Doug Hadfield of resourceINTELLIGENCE

Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, Managing Partner, MacCormick IMC spoke on "From Intentions to Impact, the Practical Implementation and Measurement of Economic Empowerment Programs"

Debra Rasmussen, Senior Agricultural Economist, Agriteam Canada, discussed a case study in Tibet

MineAfrica's Wayne Floreani with Presenter Signi Schneider, Chief CSR Advisor, EDC

Presenter Melissa Whellams, Principal, Avanzar, Bruce Shapiro, President, Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business and Presenter Michael Torrance, Partner, Norton Rose Canada LLP