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Mining Deal Exchange - CPC - Vancouver 2009

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Vancouver was the setting for On the Ground Group's (a division of MineAfrica) Mining Deal Exchange seminar on Oct 1

Organized in association with the TSX the seminar featured 10 international mining projects, a panel discussion on CPC's and 125 attendees

Seminar Chairman and Sponsor John Di Girolamo, Euroglobal Capital Partners

a great buzz in the room during a quick networking break

Seminar presenters Paul Harris (Grupo de Bullet) and Peter Bridges (Catalina Resources)

Mauricio Candiani (Candiani Mining)

Robert Vivian (Shamika Resources) and Jamie Hyland (Major Gold)

Adrian Baker of Valiant Trust, sponsor of the cocktail reception and Brett Whitelaw (Oretech Resources)

Tony Simon (Senator Minerals), Gary Fife (Eagle Peak Resources) and Heather Foidart (Valiant Trust Company)

Anthony Mumba and Curtis Clarke (Behre Dolbear)

Panelist and sponsor Adam Bresver (IBK Capital) and Peter Telford (Peat Resources)

Jeff Wilson (TSX Venture), Mark Mozel (Global Securities), Cory Kent (Lang Michener), Waldemar Jonnson (Infomine)

Paul Harris, Bill Fleming (Creo Resources), Peter Bridges, John Di Girolamo and Greg Ferron (Toronto Stock Exchange)

There are approximately 180 CPC's (Capital Pool Companies) on the TSX Venture looking to complete their qualifying transaction

Brant Little (Eagle Peak Resources) and Paul Harris during the cocktail reception sponsored by Valiant Trust Company

Presenters Peter Telford (Peat Resources) and Peter Dasler (CanAlaska Uranium)

Lyle Mclennan (Blackmont Capital) and Colleen Chambers (TSX Venture Exchange)

John Di Girolamo and Mauricio Candiani