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Past Seminar - Africa Investor Series

Africa Investor Series Seminar Report

Friday September 18, 2009 - Toronto with Premier Sponsor Macleod Dixon LLP
Presenters included:
- Marc Boisvert, Vice President, Exploration, MND Inc
- Kim Harris, President and Chief Executive Officer, Midlands Minerals Corporation
- Ilja Graulich, Vice President, Investor Relations, Gold One Limited
- Marc Bristow, Chief Executive Officer, Randgold Resources Limited

Read the one-page report with presentation downloads and photo gallery for the Toronto Stock Exchange Market Open and the Canada-South Africa Chamber of Business Indaba dinner.

Southern Africa and Energy in Africa

Wednesday September 10, 2008 - Toronto with Premier Sponsor Macleod Dixon LLP
Presenters included:
- Warren Newfield, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman, CIC Energy Corp.
- Bob Tait, Vice President, Investor Relations, First Uranium Corporation
- Rich Morrow, Vice President, New Business Development, MagIndustries Corp.
- Willy Verbrugghe, Chief Executive Officer, Mag Minerals Potash Corp.
- Ian Saunders, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Dawn Mining Corp.
Download the program and presentations.

Botswana and Namibia

Monday January 14, 2008 - Toronto Africa is home to some of the world's greatest mining resources and two of the most attractive countries on the African continent for Canadian and international miners are Botswana and Namibia.
Both Botswana and Namibia have stable democratic governments, strong economies and transparent, well defined mining legislation.
Both countries are mineral rich - Botswana's mining industry accounts for 35% of GDP and it is the world's largest exporter of gem quality diamonds. Mining accounts for 20% of Namibia's GDP. It is the fourth largest exporter of non-mineral fuels in Africa and the world's fifth largest producer of uranium.
Approximately 17 TSX listed mining companies are active in these two neighbouring countries in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
Presenters included:
- Joseph Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, African Copper PLC
- Peter G. Wilson, President, Hana Mining Ltd.
- Richard Williams, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Helio Resource Corp.
- Stephen Coates, President and Chief Executive Officer, Homeland Energy Corp.
- Mike Magrum, Director, Xemplar Energy Corp.
Download the program and presentations.

Burkina Faso

Friday October 12, 2007 - Toronto Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa with a population of approximately 14.5 million. Gold is by far its most significant mineral resource (and second largest export after cotton). It also possesses manganese, bauxite, copper, nickel, lead and zinc.
There are approximately twelve TSX listed mining companies active in exploration, mine development and production in Burkina Faso, for a number of reasons:
1) it is a politically stable, democratic country that is pro-mining.
2) Its progressive Mining Code implemented in 1997 and modified in 2000 ensures that mineral resources are the property of the state which is in keeping with the majority of other mining jurisdictions in the world, including Canada.
3) Burkina Faso is strategically located in the prolific West African Gold Belt (including Ghana, Mali, and Guinea) which is the fastest growing gold producing region in the world.
4) there are already a number of examples of successful Canadian companies in Burkina Faso.
Presenters included:
- Anthony Hayes, Director of Investor Relations, Etruscan Resources Inc.
- Paul Morgan, Executive Chairman, Goldbelt Resources Ltd.
- Kevin Bullock, President and Chief Executive Officer, Goldcrest Resources Ltd.
- Dan Hrushewsky, Vice President, Investor Relations, High River Gold Mines Ltd.
- Michael McInnis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Riverstone Resources Inc.
Download the program and presentations.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Monday September 10, 2007 - Toronto One of the richest mining countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is attracting the interest of major and junior mining and exploration companies from Canada and the world due to:
1) political economic, and social stability and recovery following years of civil war, including the first democratic elections in forty years in 2006
2) a new transparent Mining Code modeled on other countries implemented in 2003 that encourages exploration and investment
3) significant foreign aid (IMF and World Bank) and foreign commitment to ensuring stability in the country
4) vast mineral potential including copper, cobalt, diamonds and gold
There are approximately 20 TSX listed mining companies currently active in the DRC.
Presenters included:
- Todd Winterhalt, Director, Political Risk Assessment, Export Development Canada - Risks, Responsibilities and Real Benefits: Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
- Graham Chisholm, President & Chief Executive Officer, ICS Copper Systems Ltd.
- William Burton, President and Chief Executive Officer, MagIndustries Corp.
Download the program and presentations.