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About the Africa Investor Series

co-sponsored by the Minerals Resources Analysts Group (MRAG)

MineAfrica's Africa Investor Series is a unique program of interactive, boutique seminars themed around a specific commodity and/or focussed on a specific geographic region in Africa. The series is primarily intended as a forum for a selected group of up to six listed mining companies to present concise and current updates on their African project(s) to analysts from the Minerals Resources Analysts Group and senior representatives from the Canadian financial and mining communities. The information provided by these presenting companies operating in similar regions or in similar commodities will assist our targetted seminar audience in making informed investment decisions, reports, recommendations, and - in the case of senior mining companies - outline specifically what they are looking for in a junior joint venture partner.

See our past seminars.

Download the Participation Opportunity Brochure for our October 29, 2010 seminar.

Seminar Audience

The Africa Investor Series is co-sponsored by the Minerals Resources Analysts Group - an association of sixty senior Canadian analysts and their associates covering publicly listed mining companies. In addition the audience comprises asset managers, brokers, private bankers, fund managers, investors, executives from junior and senior mining companies, lawyers, service providers, journalists, and others with an interest in mining projects in Africa.

The audience for our previous seminars consisted of the following:

Mining Analyst - 26%
Investment Bank - 14%
Asset / Fund Manager - 8%
Mining Company - 26%
Mining Media - 4%
Law Firm - 6%
Government - 2%
Service Provider - 4%
Miscellaneous - 10%

Why Focus on Africa?

The African continent is home to some of the world's greatest mining resources. For example, Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, the DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Namibia, Niger, South Africa, and Tanzania are world leaders in resources or production of diamonds, gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, uranium, coal, bauxite, and copper. Canadian companies are leading the way into tapping into this vast mineral wealth. Approximately one hundred and fifty-five listed mining companies are active in Africa in exploration, mine development or production.