The 13th Risk Mitigation & CSR Seminar Report

with premier founding sponsor Hatch LLP

MineAfrica and On the Ground Group were pleased to partner with the Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business in its 13th Risk Mitigation & CSR seminar, held in Toronto, on September 9, 2014.

Seventeen presenters representing mining companies, CSR experts and advisors covered a range of topics as varied as the issues surrounding CSR including case studies from Canada, Africa and Latin America.

The Premier Founder Sponsor for this seminar series is Hatch. Partners included Goodmans LLP, MineAfrica, On the Ground Group (organizers of mineLatinAmerica) and the Peruvian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

A special thanks to seminar co-chairs; Tess Mackay, Environmental Manager, Hatch and Martin Jones, Chairman, Banro Foundation. A big thanks as well to Goodmans LLP for hosting the event.

Download the program and presenter profiles.

Download the presentations (click on the number):

1 - CSR and Responsible Mineral Development: Are We Really Making Progress? - Tony Andrews, Principal, The Center for Responsible Mineral Development (RMD) Inc. and Director, Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business

2 - Engaging for Exploration: A Guide to Initiating Stakeholder Relations - Emily Nunn, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada

3 - Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility: The Trials, Tribulations and Traps Kathrin Bohr, Senior Partner, Stakeholder Research Associates

4 - CSR: It's Never Too Soon - Kate Lyons, Partner, Goodmans LLP

5 - The Mary River Project: Aligning Environmental and Socio-Economic Programs with Community Input - Tina Charalambu, Social Impact Management Specialist, Hatch and Oliver Curran, Director of Sustainable Development, Baffinland Iron Mines

6 - Managing Corruption Risk and the Interface with CSR Implementation - Milos Barutciski, Board Member, Transparency International Canada and Partner and Co-Chair, International Trade & Investment, Bennett Jones LLP

7 - Mitigating Human Rights Risk through Systematic Due Diligence - Yousuf Aftab, Principal, Enodo Rights

8 - A Simple Approach to Managing Above-Ground Risks - Stephanie Meyer, President, Stratos Inc.

9 - Corporate Diplomacy - Witold J. Henisz, Professor of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Principal, PRIMA LLC

10 - Five Tips to Successful Matchmaking: Aligning Your Corporate Interest with Social Interests - Pamela Divinsky, Founder, The Divinsky Group

11 - Putting Government in the Driver's Seat: Municipal Sustainable Development Plans at Pueblo Viejo - Naomi Johnson, Director, Community Relations, Barrick Gold Corporation

12 - The Role of A Community Trust in Local Development- John Hasyn, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Dundee Precious Metals

13 - The Benefits of Partnerships - James Peart, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sherritt International Corporation

14 - Contributing to Social and Economic Development in the Eastern DRC - Martin Jones, Chairman, Banro Foundation and Director, Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business

15 - Can You Invest in the "Social" Responsibility of Mining? Technically the Answer is No - Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MacCormick IMC

16 - Beating the Odds: How a Nine Year CSR Project Impacts Lives in Canada & Africa - Radcliffe Dockery, President and Chief Executive Officer, HigherEye Training & Consulting and Director, Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business

17 - Microfinance - A Market-based Solution to Poverty - Blair Colliver, Director of International Programs, Emergency Relief & Development Overseas (ERDO)

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